Task Engine 10.11 | Task Engine Webhelp | webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference | Using the Task Engine RESTful Web Services in Integration Server | DELETE Task Comment
DELETE Task Comment
This REST request deletes the specified task comment from the specified task instance. The underlying built-in service is pub.task.taskclient:deleteTaskComment.
The HTTP request is formed as follows:
DELETE /rest/pub/opentask/taskID/comments/commentID [?user=value]
Input Parameters
String The unique identifier of the comment to be deleted.
String The unique identifier that the Task Engine assigns to the task instance.
String Optional. The user ID of the My webMethods Server user on whose behalf this operation executes. If user is not specified, the user ID associated with the WmTaskClient package is used. For information about configuring this user ID, see webMethods Task Engine User’s Guide.
Output Parameters