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WmTaskClient. Specification that describes the inputs and outputs required for a callback service.
A callback service is a service (on the Integration Server) that the Task Engine invokes when a task ends. The callback service is assigned to a task instance when the task instance is queued. The callback service is invoked when the status of the task changes to "completed," "cancelled," "expired," or "error."
If the Task Engine cannot reach the Integration Server to invoke the service, it will, by default, attempt to re-invoke the service every minute for one hour.
If the callback service cannot be reached or if it throws an exception, the error will be recorded in the Task Engine logs on My webMethods Server. Additionally, the task instance itself will be placed in an "error" state and detailed information about the error will be available in the task audit information.
Input Parameters
Document A document containing the business data associated with the task. TaskData does not have a specified structure. Its content varies according to the task.
Document TaskCompletionInfo document, which contains information about the completion of the task See pub.task:TaskCompletionInfo for a description of the fields in this document.
Document Information the task is configured to pass to the callback service. The data in CallbackData is given to the task when the task is initially queued. See pub.task.taskclient:queueTask for information about queuing a task.
Output Parameters