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Updating an Attached File
After you attach a file to a task, the attached file is independent of the original. In other words, if you apply modifications to the original file, they will not appear in the attachment. You must upload the updated file to the task.
*To update an attached file
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks.
2. Click My Inbox or a task type inbox.
3. Locate and open the task you want to work with.
4. In the Attachments panel on the Data View tab, click the Update button next to the file you want to update. The Update Attachment dialog box appears.
5. Click Browse to locate and select the updated file in your file system.
6. Specify the encoding type for the file; for example, binary for a PDF file. If the value you require is not in the Encoding list, click Other to specify a custom value.
7. Click Update to update the file attached to the task. The updated file replaces the previous file.