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Unassigning a Task from a User, Group, or Role
After you have assigned a task to a user, group, or role, you may want to withdraw that assignment. You do this by resetting the task assignment to an empty value. You can also modify the task assignment list to omit an individual user, group, or role assignment.
Before modifying the task assignment list, make a note of the current task assignments as shown on a task's Details View tab. They will not be available to you during this procedure.
*To unassign a task from the Task List Management page
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks > Task List Management.
2. Select the task or tasks you want to unassign.
3. Click Assign To. The Select Principals dialog box appears. Note that the Selected list is empty. Do one of the following:
*To unassign the task from all users, groups, or roles, click Apply. The empty selection list is applied, and the task is now completely unassigned.
*To unassign the task from an individual user, group, or role, use the controls to reconstruct the assignment list and omit the users, groups, and roles that you no longer want the task assigned to, then click Apply to modify the task assignment. For more information about selecting principals, see Working with the Select Principals and Select Users Dialog Boxes.
The selected task is removed from the task inboxes of the removed users and roles. The assignment action is recorded in the task's audit log displayed on the Audit View tab of the task's Details page. When modified, this assignment list replaces all assignments made from My Inbox or a task type inbox.