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Suspending a Task
You can suspend a task to keep it in the system but prevent it from being worked on. You might want to suspend a task when you know that although it eventually must be completed, you know that if it is completed now it will cause a conflict with other activities.
*When you suspend a task, the task is removed from the inboxes of all users who have been assigned or delegated the task; however, the task remains in the Task List Management tasks list with a status display of Suspended.
*You cannot change any properties of a suspended task other then to set its status back to Active in Task List Management.
*To suspend a task
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks > Task List Management.
2. Select the task or tasks you want to suspend.
3. Click Suspend. A confirmation dialog box appears.
4. Click Suspend.
My webMethods displays The Suspended status icon in the Status column of the results list.
A task designer can also cause a task to be suspended as a result of conditions defined in a task event, using the Suspend Task task action.