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Subscribing to a Notification Rule for Other Users
You must be granted the Task List Management access permission and the Subscribe to Tasks functional permission to carry out this procedure. An administrator can subscribe other users to a task notification if you do not have this permission. It is not necessary for the other users to have the Subscribe to Tasks functional permission to be subscribed.
For more information about the conditions governing the sending of task notifications, see webMethods BPM Task Development Help.
*To subscribe to a notification for other users
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks.
2. Click Task List Management.
3. In the results list panel, click the Subscriptions link.
4. On the Task Subscriptions page, click Subscribe. The Select Task Subscriptions wizard appears.
5. Select the task type you want to subscribe to in the Task list and click Next.
6. If the task type you selected in step 4 contains notifications, they are listed in the Task Subscriptions list in the next dialog box. If the task type contains no notifications, the Task Subscriptions list will be empty.
7. Select the task subscriptions that you want to subscribe to. The entire name of the subscription may not be visible; place the cursor over the subscription name to see the entire name in tool tip form.
8. Click Browse to open the Select Principals dialog box. Use the controls in the Search panel to select the user, group, or role you want to subscribe; for more information, see Working with the Select Principals and Select Users Dialog Boxes. The results appear in the Available list.
9. In the Available list, select the user, group, or role name you want to work with, then click The Right Arrow icon to move your selection to the Selected list. Only one user, group, or role can be specified.
When you subscribe a role, the role must have an e-mail address associated with it. This is done by adding a dynamic attribute "email" to the specific role, using a data type of String, with the value set to the desired e-mail address.
10. Click Apply.
11. Click Subscribe.
The selected subscription appears on the Task Subscription page for the specified user, or for users belonging to a specified group or role. Repeat this process to subscribe additional users, groups, or roles.