Task Engine 10.11 | Task Engine Webhelp | webMethods Task Engine User's Guide | Administering Tasks | Specifying Task Audit View Logging Levels
Specifying Task Audit View Logging Levels
You can specify the amount of information logged for each task type that has been published to My webMethods Server. This audit data is displayed on the Audit View tab for each instance of that task type. For information about setting Task Engine logging levels, see Configuring the Task Engine Logging Level.
*To specify the task type audit view logging level
1. Log in to My webMethods Server as sysadmin.
2. In My webMethods: Folders > System > Task > Task Definitions.
3. In the Name column, click the name of the task you want to work with (the task type ID is displayed here), or click Properties in the Tools menu for the task type.
4. In the Task Definition panel of the Properties page, select one of the following values in the Task Auditing list:
*Full—The task Audit View page displays all logged task data (default setting).
*Task Updates and Rule Firing (No Business Data Auditing)—The task Audit View page displays task creation and all task updates and event actions.
*Task Updates Only—The task Audit View page displays only task creation and updates.
*No Auditing—Task auditing is disabled. No data appears on the Audit View page.
5. Click Apply to save your changes.