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Setting the Task Status
You can set the status for a task on the Task List Management page. For more information about task status, see Task Status and Life Cycle.
*To set the task status
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks > Task List Management.
2. Select the task or tasks you want to set the status for.
3. Click Set Status. The Select Status dialog box appears.
If you apply a status of Canceled, Completed, Error, or Expired to a non-votable task, Task Engine will consider the task as terminated and will allow no further work on the task (other than deletion).
4. Select the status you want to apply in the Status list.
You cannot set the status of a task to Scheduled, or modify the status of a scheduled task from the Task List Management page. Scheduled tasks can be modified only in webMethods Business Console, or by using Task Engine built-in and RESTful services.
5. Click Set Status to apply the status to the selected task or tasks.
The status information for the selected task is updated in all locations where the task is viewed. The action is recorded in the task's audit log displayed on the Audit View tab of the task's Details page.