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Searching and Viewing Archived Tasks
You can access multiple archive data sources from a single Task Engine installation to search tasks, archived by other Task Engine instances in the landscape. For the data source to be available for searching, you must configure the connection details on the Data Sources page in My webMethods.
As Task Engine can search and retrieve task archives from various data sources on different machines, the corresponding task application might not be deployed on the Task Engine instance from which you execute a search. Task Engine displays the archived task data in a generic, simplified view, regardless of the way in which the task data is displayed in the original task user interfaces.
*To search for archived task instances
1. In My webMethods, navigate to Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Archiving > Task Archiving Search.
2. Under Archives, select the data source to search and click Send to Archive.
3. Under Filter, specify the search filter and click Search.
Task Engine displays a simplified view of the task data, available in the archive data source for the specified search criteria.