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Reindexing Task Business Data
Each time you modify the indexing settings of a task type that includes a database or HPSTRA index, you must redeploy the task type and run a reindexing operation.
Before you start reindexing business data, see Considerations when Reindexing Task Business Data.
*To reindex the business data for a task type
1. In My webMethods, navigate to Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Engine Administration.
Task Engine displays all task types, available in the runtime, on the Task Configuration window.
2. Under Task Configuration, click the ID of the task type to reindex.
3. On the Task Type panel, click one of the following tabs:
*DB Indexes - to reindex task business data, stored in the indexing table of the My webMethods Server database.
*HPSTRA Indexes - to reindex task business data, stored in a HPSTRA index in Elasticsearch.
4. Click Reindex to reindex all business data for the task type, stored in the selected index.
If the task type is not configured to work with indexed business data, or has no indexed business data, the Reindex button is not available and the Indexes field is empty.
Task Engine displays the progress of a reindexing procedure on the top-right of the Indexes tab, in the following format: Reindexing: nnnn/xxxx, where nnnn is the number of processed tasks, and xxxx is the total number of task instances. Task Engine updates the total count of processed tasks for every 1000 tasks.
To stop reindexing, click Stop Reindex.
If you stop the reindexing procedure before it completes, business data searches from a task instance of the type might return incomplete results.