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Recalculating Date/Time Events for All Task Types
You can recalculate the stored values for date/time event triggering time manually, for all task types. This option can be very time-consuming, especially when working with a large number of task types with date/time events.
If the recalculated triggering time for an event is in the past, the action for that event will be executed immediately.
*To recalculate the triggering time of date/time events for all task types
1. In My webMethods, navigate to Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Event Orchestrator Configuration.
2. On the Recalculation Settings tab, click Recalculate All.
3. In the confirmation dialog, click Submit.
Recalculating the date/time event triggering times for a large number of tasks can take a long time. Consider recalculating trigger times during off-peak hours, or recalculate one task type at a time.