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Placing Task Portlets on Other Pages in My webMethods
As initially installed, My webMethods provides access to tasks in two primary navigation paths: Administration and Monitoring. You can customize the My webMethods interface to place task portlets on other existing pages, or you can create new pages and add task portlets to them.
If you place related task portlets on a new page (for example, a task type portlet and a search portlet for that task type), you must wire the portlets together to obtain proper operation. Specifically, the 'queryString' property of a result portlet must be wired to the 'lastSearchState' property of a search bar portlet to ensure they work together.
For information on these procedures, see Administering My webMethods Server. It is possible to add an inbox results portlet without a search bar portlet; in this case the inbox results portlet will always display all tasks without any search criteria applied.