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Modifying the Task Archiving Schedule
Task Engine includes a default scheduled event for task archiving. The name of the event is Schedule for task rule: Archive Task Rule.
*To modify the default task archiving rule
1. In My webMethods, navigate to Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Archiving > Task Archiving Configuration.
2. Under Archiving Schedule, click in the Tools column for the default rule, and click Edit.
3. In the Edit Event Recurrence dialog, modify the rule configuration.
4. Optionally, specify a value in the Next Scheduled Event field. Task Engine will first trigger the task archival rule on the specified date/time, skipping dates that match the criteria for the schedule interval.
For example, if you schedule the archiving rule to execute weekly on Saturday evening and you want Task Engine to skip the current month, select the first Saturday of the following month as the next scheduled event date.
5. Click Apply to store the configuration.