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Managing Global Rules
By default, Task Engine provides these global task rules:
*Delete Task Rule - this global schedule rule deletes a task in Completed, Canceled, Expired, or Error status after a specified period of time. The time interval is set by the keepDays parameter. The default value of that parameter is 30 days. This rule is evaluated once per day.
*Infinite Loop Task Rule - this global change rule places a task in Error status when the one-hundredth version of the task is created. You can edit the expression for this rule to specify a different number.
*To manage global task rules
1. In My webMethods, navigate to Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Engine Administration.
2. On the Task Engine Administration page, do one of the following:
*Click The Manage Global Schedule Rules icon to view and modify global schedule rules.
*Click The Manage Global Change Rules icon to view and modify global change rules.
3. On the Global [Rule Type] Rules page for the rule type, manage rules with the following tabs:
*View Rules. Click this tab to view all available global rules of the selected type.
*Change Rule Evaluation Order. Click this tab to rearrange the order in which global task rules of the selected type are evaluated, as described in Changing the Rule Evaluation Order.
*Create New Rule. Click this tab to create a new global task rule. For information about how to create a new rule, see Creating a Global Task Rule.