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Hiding and Displaying a Task Type Page
It is possible to hide a task type page within the My webMethods taxonomy with the procedure described below. However, this approach is essentially temporary, as the page will be displayed again the next time the task type is published to My webMethods Server.
For a permanent solution, modify the task type page properties in Software AG Designer as described in "Hiding and Displaying a Task Page" in the Designer online help, and then publish the task type to My webMethods Server.
In general, the default Inbox page is displayed by default, but not select the Details page or the Start page (if one is present). If custom pages have been added to the task, they may configured to be displayed or hidden as required.
You can hide or display any of the following task type page names in My webMethods Server:
*Task Inbox page
*Task Details page
*Task Start page
*To temporarily hide or display a task type page
1. Log on to My webMethods Server as sysadmin.
2. Do one of the following:
*Navigate to Folders > My webMethods Applications > Fabric Tasks > Monitoring > Business > Tasks.
*Go to the following URL in the address field of your browser:
where ServerName:Port specifies your My webMethods Server location.
3. Open the task type you want to work with and locate the task type page you want to hide or display. For example:
Available task type pages
The page windows shown above are in the minimized state.
4. Click The Tools icon for the Details, Inbox, or Start page you want to hide or display and click Properties.
5. Do one of the following:
*To hide the task type page, clear the Is Task Folder check box.
*To display the task type page, select the Is Task Folder check box.
6. Click Apply.
7. Log out as sysadmin and log back on to My webMethods.