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Exporting Settings for a Task Type
To export settings for a task type from the target My webMethods Server, you must log on to My webMethods as system administrator.
*To export settings for a task type
1. As system administrator: Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Migration > Content Import/Export.
2. On the Migration Properties page, configure the following options and click Next:
*For Migration Source Type, select Single Object
*For Migration Mode, select Export
3. In the Export Name field, type a name for the exported task type.
4. For Item to export, click Browse.
5. Navigate to the item to export: Folders > System > Task > Task Definitions.
6. Specify the task definition you want to export settings for:
a. Click the arrow next to the task definition you want to export to place it in the Selected Items column.
b. Click Select.
7. In the Exporting Properties window, select a check box for each task setting you want to include in the export.
8. Click Next.
My webMethods Server creates a .cdp file that contains the task type settings to be exported.
9. Typically, your browser will open a save/download dialog box that enables you to save the .cdp file to your file system. If this does not happen, click the download link on the page displayed in My webMethods Server. The downloaded file name is wm_yourFileName.cdp.
Internet Explorer might append a .zip file name extension to the downloaded .cdp file. You must remove this file name extension before you can use the file.