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Disabling and Enabling Task Data Sharing
This administrative option becomes available when a task type is enabled for task collaboration. When this option is enabled, task business data is shared, or passed, between the parent task its various child tasks. In some cases, access to this task business data will be helpful to the users who are collaborating on the parent task. However, in other instances, the task business data may contain sensitive information that should not be shared among the collaborators.
*To disable and enable task data sharing
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Engine Administration. All of the task types available in My webMethods are displayed in the Task Configuration window.
2. Click the link in the Task Type ID column.
3. On the Task Type Details panel, select or clear the Task Data Sharing Enabled check box as required.
This option is disabled until the task collaboration option is enabled.
4. Click Update.