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Copying a Global Task Rule
You can copy a global task rule in My webMethods and use the copy to create a new global rule.
*To copy a global task rule
1. In My webMethods, navigate to Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Engine Administration.
2. On the Task Engine Administration page, click the appropriate icon for the global rule type you want to create, as described in Managing Global Rules.
3. On the Global [Rule Type] Rules page for the selected rule type (for example, Manage Change Rules), click the View Rules tab if it is not already displayed.
4. On the View Rules tab, click The Tools icon in the Tools column for the rule you want to work with and then click Copy Rule.
5. On the Copy Rule tab, type a new name and description for the rule.
6. Click Copy the Rule.
The renamed rule appears in the rules list on the View Rules tab. All condition expressions, result expressions, variables, and other properties of the rule are copied.