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Configuring Task Type Functional Permissions
You configure task type permissions by granting or denying the available functional permissions to a user, role, or group.
*To configure task access permissions
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide> Permissions Management.
2. On the Advanced tab, select Tasks in the Resource Type list.
3. Select a filter you want to apply in the Filter list, or leave the box empty.
4. Click Search. All matching task types are displayed in the Found panel.
5. In the Found panel, select the tasks you want to set permissions for and move them to the Selected panel.
6. Click Next.
7. In the Edit Permissions panel, do one of the following:
*Select an existing principal and click Delete to remove it from the list of available principals.
*Click Add Users/Groups/Roles to open the Add Principals panel, enabling you to search for and all any available user, role, or group to the list of available principals.
8. Click the link in the Permissions column for the principal that you want to set permissions for. The text for this link can display either of these values:
*Granted All—the principal has been granted all available permissions.
*Custom—One or more of the available permissions is denied to the principal.
Clearing the Grant check box is not sufficient to deny the permission. You must explicitly select the Deny check box to ensure the permission is denied.
9. On the Permissions panel, select the Grant or Deny check box for the permissions you want to work with, as described in About Task Type Functional Permissions.
10. Click OK to complete your selections (this does not save your selections).
11. Click Apply to save your selections.
12. Repeat steps 8 - 11 to continue setting permissions for other principals, or click Back to return to the Permissions Management page.
13. If you are creating a new user, role, or group, you must also specify task access permissions, as well as task functional permissions.