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Analyzing Task Engine Runtime Performance
My webMethods Server provides you with built-in capabilities for tracking and analyzing Task Engine performance.
*To view the Task Engine performance information
1. Log on to My webMethods Server as sysadmin.
2. Navigate to Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Analysis > Performance Analysis and Configuration.
3. In the Refine drop-down list, select Task.
The resulting list displays columns for the Number of Actions, the Total Time, and the Average Time for the following task activities:
*TaskCompletionHandler.execute -- send task completion to Process Engine.
*TaskSchedulerHandler -- task Date/Time events.
*TaskMechanics.updateCluster -- cluster notification for task updates.
*TaskMechanics.getInfo -- obtain basic task info.
*TaskMechanics.getData -- obtain task business data.
*TaskMechanics.delete -- delete task.
*TaskMechanics.update -- any task updates, including queuing a new task.
*TaskFormFlowService.nnn -- form flow operations.
*TaskChangeHandler.onEvent -- process all task assignments and events.
*TaskApplyChangesWait -- task updates from client (CAF) applications.
*TaskMechanics.countIndex -- indexed search count.
*TaskMechanics.searchIndex -- indexed search.
*TaskMechanics.search -- non-indexed search.
*Any task assignments or events are tracked under "rule:<name>" with the name of the assignment or event.
With proper permissions, you can also access the Performance Analysis portlet from the My webMethods user interface at Tools > MWS Monitoring and Diagnostics > Performance Information > Performance Analysis.