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Accepting a Task for a User
You can accept a task for another user on the Task List Management page. When modified, this assignment list replaces any and all acceptances made from My Inbox or a task type inbox.
Before modifying the task acceptance, make a note of the current task acceptance as shown on a task's Details View tab. This information will not be available to you during this procedure.
*To accept a task for another user
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks > Task List Management.
2. Select the task or tasks you want to accept for another user.
3. Click Accept For. The Select Users dialog box appears.
Note that the Selected list is empty. The entries you specify here will replace all existing acceptances when you click Apply. If you click Apply with an empty Selected list, the task will not be accepted by any users.
4. Use the controls in the Search panel to search for the user you want to accept the task for; for more information, see Working with the Select Principals and Select Users Dialog Boxes. The result of the search appears in the Available list.
5. In the Available list, select the user name or names you want to work with, then click The Move Right icon to move your selection to the Selected list.
6. If you have implemented user calendars as described in Working with Personal User Calendars, a user calendar icon The User Calendar icon appears to the left of the user name in the Selected list. Click the calendar icon to view the user's calendar.
7. Click Apply to assign the task to the selected user.
The Accepted By information for the selected task is updated in all locations where the task is viewed. The action is recorded in the task's audit log displayed on the Audit View tab of the task's Details page.