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Using Collaboration Tasks Manually
You can configure a task so that an individual user (with the proper permissions) can create collaboration tasks from the task after opening it in an inbox. The user can assign these collaboration tasks to other users to help complete the parent task. For example:
Suppose a customer service representative (CSR) receives a task to investigate and resolve a customer's complaint that issues of a magazine subscription are no longer arriving.
To determine the cause, the CSR needs information from a database administrator and the circulation manager. The CSR can create and assign collaboration tasks to both these individuals requesting the information needed to evaluate the problem. In this case, the circulation manager returns confirmation that the subscription is active and issues are being mailed as scheduled. When returning this information, the circulation manager marks the collaboration task assigned to him as complete.
The database administrator completes his collaboration task by providing the customer's account information—where the CSR finds that the address is incorrect. The CSR then creates a new collaboration task for the database administrator, asking for the customer's record to be updated with the correct information. The database administrator in turn delegates this collaboration task to one of his team members, who enters the correct information and marks the collaboration task as completed. The CSR now marks the parent task as completed.