Task Engine 10.11 | Task Engine Webhelp | webMethods Task Engine User's Guide | Running Task Engine on Integration Server | Installation Requirements and Post-Installation Steps
Installation Requirements and Post-Installation Steps
When you install webMethods Task Engine as a layered product on Integration Server, you must also install the following webMethods products and components:
*My webMethods Server - for permission configuration, task administration, and running Business Console. To use the task administration interfaces in My webMethods, you must also install Task Engine on My webMethods Server.
*Business Console - for creating and displaying task user interfaces.
*Universal Messaging - for JMS messaging and synchronization between Task Engine and My webMethods Server.
*wmTaskClient - for communication with Process Engine.
*webMethods Deployer and Asset Build Environment - for building and deploying task applications, exported from an existing Task Engine installation on My webMethods Server.
During installation, you must specify the same database and Universal Messaging server for My webMethods Server and Integration Server.
After you complete the product installation and before you initialize the product instances, do the following:
*Create the database components for My webMethods Server and any other products in the installation, using the Database Component Configurator.
*Create a My webMethods Server instance that uses the same database as Task Engine on Integration Server.
*Start the Universal Messaging server and configure the My webMethods Server cluster settings with the URL to the Universal Messaging server. For more information about the My webMethods Server cluster configuration, see Administering My webMethods Server.
*Open the ini.cnf file for the Integration Server instance that hosts Task Engine in a text editor and verify whether the following lines are present in the file:
If any of the lines are not present, add them to the bottom of the file. You can find the ini.cnf file for Integration Server in SoftwareAG_directory\IntegrationServer\instances\instanceName\bin. Start/restart the Integration Server instance after modifying the file.
*Configure a connection to a JDBC data source for the Central Users (CDS) component in Integration Server and point it to the My webMethods Server database. This step is not required when you install Integration Server and My webMethods Server on the same machine and create and initialize a My webMethods Server instance. For more information about creating JDBC pools, see webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide.