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Task Permission Checking Behavior
This option specifies how task viewing permissions are checked. The option is:
The default is true. Prior to MWS_7.1.3_Fix9, the mechanism to determine if a user had permission to view a task verified only if the user held "view task data" permission. With the introduction of MWS_7.1.3_Fix9, an additional check occurs to determine if the user/role is also present in the "assigned to" or "delegated to" lists. Under these conditions, if the user holds only "view task data" permission, permission to view the task is denied and the following error occurs:
[POP.017.0007] You don't have permissions to view this task.
When this setting is true, the additional checks added with MWS_7.1.3_Fix9 are applied. If you change this value to false, the previous permission check ("view task data" permission only) is applied.
This option also affects the behavior of task notifications. If you set this flag to false, users will receive notifications for all subscribed notifications rather than only those to which they are assigned or delegated.