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Task Locking in a Cluster Environment
This optional setting is deprecated. With the application of the following fixes (and in all subsequent releases), the Task Engine now always uses database locking for tasks to ensure transactional updates, and this optional setting, if present, is ignored:
The following description is provided for reference purposes only:
This option forces the use of non-distributed locks in a clustered environment. The option is:
The default value is false (that is, task locking is enabled). In this case, the Task Engine uses distributed database locking when updating task instances. This puts an additional load on the database but ensures that task updates are always serial.
For example, if two concurrent users are updating the same task instance, this ensures that a user is always updating an up-to-date task data and if not, a "Task Out of Date" error is raised. If you set this value to true, when the same task instance is being updated by two different users working on two separate cluster nodes, an optimistic lock for the task will not be enforced and only one user’s changes are applied.