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Set Conditions for Task Preloading
If you enable task preloading as described in Preload the Task Cache at Startup, you can use this optional setting to define the tasks to be preloaded. Use the following optional setting to specify an SQL WHERE clause as a preload condition:
-Dtask.preload.condition=WHERE <condition statement>
Use "T" as a table alias for the "T_TASK" table. For example, the following condition specifies that only "Active" and "Completed" tasks are to be preloaded:
-Dtask.preload.condition=WHERE T.STATUS = 1 OR T.STATUS = 3
This is a pure SQL query and it must use the values that are in the tables, for example, numeric values for statuses, milliseconds for dates, and so on. If more information is needed, contact Software AG Global Support.