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Monitoring Tasks in My webMethods
From the Monitoring > Business > Tasks navigation path, you have access to the following navigation selections:
*My Inbox to view your task inbox. This inbox displays all of the tasks assigned to you.
*Task List Management to monitor and manage all tasks in My webMethods that you have permission to view, regardless of assignment. With proper user, role, or group permissions, you can use the task list to suspend, resume, assign, delegate, and resubmit tasks, among other activities.
*Task Type Inboxes to view all of the tasks of a specific task type that are assigned to you (there is a separate task type inbox for each type of task assigned to you). A task type inbox may not be available if the task type developer has not created one for the task type.
*Task Charts to view two default task charts, one displaying the number of all tasks, and one displaying the number of critical tasks. You can modify these default charts, and you can create additional chart portlets for deployment on the Task Charts page or in any other location of My webMethods.