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Modifying Task Types in My webMethods Server
When modifying a task type in My webMethods, always keep in mind that any changes you make to that task type will be overwritten the next time the task type is published to My webMethods Server. For more information about this behavior, see About Optimized Task Type Publishing.
In general, the recommended method for making changes is to ask the task developer to make the changes in Software AG Designer and then republish the task type to My webMethods Server. This ensures that task types will remain in synchronization between the two environments.
Note that you can change the task type name in Software AG Designer; this changes the task type name displayed on the task inbox tab and anywhere the task type name is displayed. Certain considerations apply to the creation of task types with duplicate names; for more information, see Considerations When Publishing Task Types with Duplicate Names.
The task type ID cannot be changed after the task type is created and serves as a unique identifier for programmatically identifying the task type in both environments.