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Look Up Principal Retry Behavior
This option specifies whether the Task Engine is to attempt another lookup for a My webMethods Server principal (a user, group, or role) when the initial lookup fails. If this option is set to true and the initial principal lookup attempt fails, Task Engine waits for the time specified by the Look Up Principal Retry Timeout property and attempts the lookup again. If the second attempt fails, no further attempts are made, and the procedure associated with the lookup fails (for example, task assignment).
This option (and the associated timeout option) addresses a situation where users, groups, or roles are being created by a remote API just before queueing a task. In a clustered environment, these changes can take up to 2 seconds to propagate to all nodes in the cluster. Thus, it is possible that the Task Engine might not find this newly created principal when attempting to queue the task. Setting this option and the associated timeout value will help to handle this condition.
The default is false.