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Indexing Considerations in a Clustered Environment
Although the reindexing process runs in the background, in a clustered environment this process is not distributed across the cluster. When you start a reindexing process, it is executed on the node that you are currently connected to (for example, through a load balancer).
However, the behavior of the reindexing process is propagated to all nodes in the cluster. Regardless of which node you are connected to, you can:
*View as read-only the structure of the indexed business data structure on the DB Indexes tab, or the HPSTRA Indexes tab.
*Check reindexing status messages (with progress information, or the last start time, stop time, and status).
*Stop a running process with the Stop Reindex button.
For example, if you start the reindexing process while logged on to Node A, then log out and log on later on Node B, you will still see the same information and have the same control over the process as if you were logged on to the original node.