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How Permission-Based Access Affects Tasks
My webMethods provides an extremely flexible framework for granting or restricting user access to many aspects of the My webMethods interface. This framework is referred to as permission-based access control, because access and functional privileges are provided by granting permissions to users, groups, and roles defined in My webMethods. The permissions you have as an individual user depend on the permissions granted to you by an administrator, either as an individual user, or as a role or group member.
By default, members of the My webMethods Administrator role are granted all available permissions. To implement a secure and well-managed business environment, your organization will likely want to define a number of roles or groups that have limited access and functionality—usually tailored to provide just enough access and functionality to carry out the work that is assigned to the role or group.
Task monitoring, management, and administration procedures are all subject to permission-based access control. This guide describes all task-related pages, panels, and the controls available on them. However, as you are working with My webMethods task procedures, or when using Task Engine with different runtimes and user interfaces, you may not see all of these features, depending on the permissions granted to you. You may see all of these features, or only a subset of them. Some task features might not be supported in your installed runtime or user interface at all.
For example, an administrator has the ability to delete tasks, but you may not find a Delete button enabled on the page or panel you are viewing, even though the button is described in this guide. This is because you have not been granted the Delete Task permission, either as a user, or through any roles or groups you are a member of.
If that permissions is granted to you, the Delete button will become enabled if you refresh or leave and return to the page. If you have any questions about your permissions, talk to your My webMethods administrator.