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Disable/Enable Task Logging in Processes
When a task is included in a webMethods business process, it is referred to as a user task. In earlier releases of Task Engine, a logging mechanism was enabled that writes task status to the audit logging component of Process Engine. Under certain circumstances, this audit logging behavior can cause unexpected behavior in webMethods Monitor, specifically:
*A task step (user task) in a completed process instance displays the status "Task Completed" instead of "Completed".
*A grey arrow icon appears on the user task in the process diagram in Monitor instead of green check mark.
*The logged times of the different steps indicate that the final step in the process completed before the task step was last updated.
Beginning with fix MWS_8.2_SP1_Fix11 and in later releases, task audit logging is controlled by the optional setting:
-Dtask.prt.audit.enabled=true | false
The default is false (task audit logging is disabled). To enable task audit logging, set this value to true.
You can also disable audit logging for task rules. For more information, see Disabling Auditing for Task Rules.