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Configuring the Task Engine Logging Level
By default, the Task Engine records task application log messages into the My webMethods Server log files, which are located in the following directory: Software AG_directory \MWS\server\serverName\logs.
with a logging level of INFO, which reports only limited information. To help analyze Task Engine problems or to assist with task application development, it can be useful to have the Task Engine log more information; this is done by setting the DEBUG value for task applications.
This setting has no relationship to the information displayed on a task's Audit View tab; for more information on that capability, see Specifying Task Audit View Logging Levels.
*To configure the Task Engine logging level
1. Log in to My webMethods as sysadmin.
2. In My webMethods: Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Analysis > Logging Configuration. This page controls logging levels for all available logging categories in My webMethods Server. For more information working with logging levels in general, see Administering My webMethods Server.
3. Locate the task logging category and select the DEBUG logging level. You can also set logging levels for individual task applications, as well as for:
4. Depending where you would like the output to show up (in the console, in the logs, or both) select the DEBUG value for Console and log file output.
5. Click Apply.
6. Log out as sysadmin.
When you complete the procedure you are working on, be sure to log back in to My webMethods as sysadmin and set the logging level back to INFO; otherwise, your log files will grow at a much faster rate.