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Configuring Task Service Retry and Timeout Values
The Task Engine supports a number of built-in Integration Server services for working with tasks remotely. When you execute one of these services, the service establishes a connection with the Task Engine to carry out its interaction with one or more tasks. Because of issues such as network latency and heavy network traffic, it is possible for the initial connection attempt to fail.
When you invoke an IS service, you can specify the following parameters to help ensure the connection is established:
*retryOnFailureCount. This parameter specifies how many times to attempt to invoke the service after the initial attempt fails. The default is 0 times.
*retryDelay. This parameter specifies the number of milliseconds to wait between attempts. The default is 1000 ms (this field is ignored if retryOnFailureCount = 0).
You can set global values for this behavior on the WmTaskClient Home page in Integration Server Administrator. These values apply to all WmTaskClient service invocations, but are overridden when you pass a retryOnFailureCount or retryDelay value to the service when you invoke it.
You can also specify the timeout period that all services will wait for a response on the WmTaskClient package Home page. The default value is 60000 ms. This value cannot be overridden for individual service invocations.
*For more information about setting the global values, see Configuring the WmTaskClient Package.
*For more information about WmTaskClient IS services, see webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference.