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About the New Comments/Edit Comments Panel
These two comment panels are very similar:
*Open the New Comment panel with the Add Comment button.
*Open the Edit Comment panel with the Update link.
These panels contain the following boxes:
*Comment Text—Free form text area for entering comments.
*Attachments—Display box showing the name of the file selected for attachment by using the associated Browse button.
As well as the following buttons:
*Browse button—Opens a standard file system browsing dialog box, enabling the user to select any file available through the local operating system.
*Clear—Removes text from the attachment browse results box.
*Attach—Marks the selected file for attachment to the task.
*Create—Available on the New Comment panel only. Adds any comment or attachment to the task.
*Update—Available on the Edit Comment panel only. Applies any changes to the comment or attachment.
*Cancel—Closes the New Comments panel without saving any changes.