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About Task Engine on Integration Server
About Task Engine Packages on Integration Server
About Services in the WmTaskEngine Package
In a typical webMethods installation Task Engine and Process Engine reside on different runtimes - My webMethods Server and Integration Server; and communicate over the network to exchange data between processes and tasks. You can install webMethods Task Engine as a layered product on Integration Server and benefit from direct in-process communication with Process Engine on a single runtime, while keeping the task administration and end-user interfaces on a separate My webMethods Server/Business Console node.
When you install Task Engine on Integration Server, Task Engine uses the database, together with Universal Messaging as a JMS provider to communicate and synchronize with the My webMethods Server instance that hosts the task administration interfaces, and REST interfaces to communicate with webMethods Business Console.
My webMethods Server displays the Task Engine instance, running on Integration Server as a cluster node on the Cluster Administration page in My webMethods, but does not provide status information or administration options for the node.