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About Task List Management
The Task List Management page displays all of the tasks that you have privileges to view, regardless of assignment or status. The Task List Management page is primarily administrative in nature, and enables you to apply a number of management actions to selected tasks. The Task List Management page consists of two panels:
*The Search panel—use this panel to search for tasks by specific parameter; the results are displayed in the Task List Management Tasks panel. By default, it is set to search for all tasks that you have privileges to view, regardless of assignment. For more information, see Filtering and Searching the Task Management List.
*The Tasks panel—use this panel to view the results of the most recent search, as defined by the settings in the Search panel. Click Properties in the Tasks panel menu to modify the column display.
The following task management buttons are available:
*Resume—use this button to resume a suspended task.
*Suspend—use this button to suspend an active (running) task.
*Assign To—use this button to assign a task to one or more users, groups, or roles. The task will appear on the user's My Inbox page.
*Accept For—use this button to force acceptance of a task for one or more users or roles. The task will appear in each individual user's inbox as an accepted task.
*Resubmit—use this button to resubmit an active task. This forces the task data to be re-evaluated regardless of whether or not any of the data has been modified. Note that resubmitting a task can have an effect on task assignments, which can be configured to be evaluated for each task change. In this case, resubmittal will cause these assignments to be re-evaluated, possibly resulting in a re-assignment of the task.
*Set Status—use this task to change the status of the task. Available settings are Active, Completed, Error, Canceled, and Expired.
*Delete—use this button to delete a task from the current process list.
*Delegate—enables the user to delegate a task to another user.
*Remove Delegations—enables the user to remove all delegations applied to the task.
For specific information about these actions, see Managing Tasks.
The Tasks panel also allows you to perform the following actions:
*Subscribe to task notifications for other users; for more information, see Subscribing to a Notification Rule for Other Users.
*Define and manage scheduled delegations; for more information, see Scheduling Task Delegation.
*Export the contents of the task list in table format as a comma-separated value (CSV) file. For more information, see Exporting the Contents of a Task Inbox or Task List.