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About Task Actions
Because of the high degree of task customization possible with Software AG Designer, the task type developer can provide virtually any means of interacting with a task. However, various task action buttons are configured by default in Software AG Designer and may be found in the tasks you work with.
The following default buttons are available for individual tasks:
*Accept—Accepts the task for the current user.
*Submit—For My webMethods users, this updates all task information from the data fields on the page but does not complete the task (that is, the status is not changed).
*Complete—Updates all task information from the data fields on the page and applies a status of Completed to the task.
*Return—Discards any user changes and returns the user to the previous page.
*Release—Releases an accepted task, indicating it is no longer accepted by the current user. Visible only if the task is not marked for auto-acceptance and is accepted.
*Assign to Users—Enables the user to assign the task to one or more a selected users, groups, or roles.