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About Optimized Task Type Publishing
Task types are published to My webMethods Server by publishing the task application—all task types within the task application are published as a result. The task application that a task type belongs to is shown on the Task Administration page.
When a task application is first published to a run-time environment, the publishing process can take a considerable amount of time, especially if the task application is a complex one with many tasks, custom inboxes, assignments, and events. Network capacity and traffic can also affect the publishing time.
To ensure that the subsequent publishing of task application is as rapid as possible, Software AG Designer optimizes this process by publishing only those portions of the task application that have changed since the last publication. In most cases this optimization is completely transparent.
However, it is possible to modify portions of the task application in the My webMethods Server run-time environment (although this is generally not recommended). If these changes are not applied to the task application project in Designer as well, the two versions will no longer be synchronized.
For instance, if the task application taxonomy is changed in My webMethods Server (for example, the inbox page is renamed), publication of the task application will not update the renamed page if that portion of the task application was not updated in Designer. You can force a publication of the entire task application project; for more information, see Forcing a Full Publication of a Task Application.