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About Modifying the Task Analytics Schema
The task analytics schema is defined by the TaskEngineEvent.xml file, which is located in the following directory: Software AG_directory \MWS\server\ serverName\config\analytics\taskEngine\eventMap. Any changes to the task analytics schema require modifications to this file. However, these modifications are not easily applied and Software AG customers are strongly advised not to apply changes to this file manually.
Changes to the task analytics schema are most often required as a result of product enhancements provided by Software AG, typically in the form of product fix packages or as part of an upgrade to a later version. To apply these changes, an administrative portlet is available in My webMethods Server. When necessary, the product fix package or upgrade documentation will contain instructions about how you can use this portlet to apply the changes.
Any time modifications are applied to the task analytics schema, all historical analytic data gathered to date is discarded. In addition, Optimize will delete all runtime data and metadata for "Task Metrics."
To access the administrative portlet, log in as sysadmin and go to Folders > System > Portlets > wm_teeventmapoverwrite. If you have questions about modifying the TaskEngineEvent.xml file, contact Software AG Global Support.