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About E-mail Listener Behavior
For each downloaded e-mail, the e-mail listener does the following:
1. Instructs the mail server to delete the e-mail.
2. Parses the e-mail body looking for encoded action request. If a request is not found or is malformed, an error is logged in the Task Engine logs and the e-mail is ignored.
3. Fetches the task instance for the given task ID specified in the request.
4. Checks that the security GUID contained in the request matches the one stored on the task (the latter is generated during task notification publishing). If these values do not match, an error is recorded in the logs and in the task audit and the e-mail is ignored
5. Determines the binding expression of the action from the action ID from the request (this is again stored in the task instance during task notification publishing).
6. Executes the specified action for the given task and records an e-mail receive event in the task audit.
The status of each task e-mail listener is displayed on the Task E-Mail Listener Administration page (Navigate > Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Email Listener Administration):
*Whether it is currently paused or running, and what the monitoring interval is.
*Last run date and time.
*Last run status.