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About E-form Integration with Tasks
The webMethods product suite provides electronic forms integration to enable the use of e-forms with your tasks. Basic e‑form support for tasks can be implemented by storing e‑form templates and instances in a file system or a web server. For more information and a list of the supported e-form types, see Implementing E-form Support for BPM.
To be able to work with e-forms in tasks, the following preliminary actions are necessary:
*Create a repository for your e-form instances and templates.
*Configure a webMethods e-form environment in My webMethods and deploy that environment to the Integration Server host(s) where you will be creating your IS document types.
*Ensure that you have network connectivity between all of the host servers.
*Review various implementation issues for the supported e-form types.
For more details about these procedures and conceptual information about the use of e-forms in the webMethods product suite, see Implementing E-form Support for BPM.
For more information about interacting with e-forms in tasks, see Working with E-form Data in Tasks.