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About Administering Task Client
About Administering Task Client
Commands that WmTaskClient Supports
Configuration Types that WmTaskClient Supports
Run-Time Monitoring Statuses for WmTaskClient
You use the Command Central web user interface and command line interface to manage WmTaskClient. WmTaskClient is a layered product of webMethods Integration Server.
You can use Command Central to manage the following operations for WmTaskClient:
*Start and stop a WmTaskClient instance.
For detailed information about changing the status of a product instance, see Software AG Command Central Help.
*Monitor run-time statuses for a WmTaskClient instance.
For information about the WmTaskClient run-time statuses, see Run-Time Monitoring Statuses for WmTaskClient.
*Configure an endpoint connection to My webMethods Server for a WmTaskClient instance. WmTaskClient is installed with pre-configured default values for the available fields of the Endpoints configuration. You can edit the fields to specify values other than the default ones.
For more information about the fields and values to specify when configuring a WmTaskClient endpoint, see Configuring the WmTaskClient Package.
For information about the configuration commands that WmTaskClient supports, see Commands that WmTaskClient Supports.