Release Notes

This document contains an overview of the modifications for Tamino XML Server 10.3 since the previous releases (Tamino XML Server 10.1 on Windows or Linux and Tamino XML Server 9.5 on AIX, HP-UX or Solaris). If you have an existing Tamino installation, please refer also to the Migration Guide for information about migration from your current system to Tamino 10.3. The readme.txt file may also contain information that you should be aware of before you use Tamino 10.3.

With Tamino version 10.3 X-Query is deprecated. This is, it might still be used, but without warranty. Errors will not be corrected anymore. X-Query may be removed in a future version; applications should be upgraded to XQuery.

Concerning the Tamino Non-XML Indexer, the necessary software components are now automatically installed along with the Tamino XML Server on all platforms. Also, additional configuring steps are now also applied automatically. The only thing that remains to be done for utilizing the indexer is to define the respective schemas.

Different from previous versions Tamino, starting with version 10.1 for Windows or Linux resp. 10.3 for AIX, HP-UX or Solaris, does not anymore include a graphical user interface for administration purposes. Instead the inoadmin tool is extended to provide full administration powers. Also, ARGBATCH, The System Management Hub Batch Interface, is no longer supported.