Media Type Requirements

The X-Machine evaluates the media type settings specified in the Content-Type field of an incoming HTTP request. It distinguishes between text and binary documents. A text document can be an XML document or a non-XML document. A binary document can only be a non-XML document.

The distinction between XML document, non-XML text document and binary document is made according to the media type as shown in the following table:

Media type Type of Tamino Document

*/xml or */*+xml, for example:

  • application/xml

  • text/xml

  • image/svg+xml

text, XML document
  • text/* (other than text/xml)

  • application/rtf

text, non-XML document

nothing or blank text, XML document
All other media types

binary document

XML documents are handled according to their Tamino schema definition, if it exists (Tamino also allows the storage of XML documents without a matching schema definition). This includes validating against the information stored in Tamino's Data Map and indexing according to the tsd:physical settings in the schema.


  1. The Tamino data loader uses special rules for determining the media type settings. See the section Known Media Types in the data loader documentation for details.
  2. Tamino schema definitions can be defined for non-XML documents.