Reference: Undefine

This form allows you to remove a document type, schema or collection from a Tamino database.

See also: Undefine a Collection, Schema, or Doctype.

The following elements are available on this form:

Element Description Corresponding URL Parameter
Database URL Specifies the database. See Database URL. databaseurl
Favorite Saves the settings as favorite (only Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher). See Favorite. -
Encoding Specifies the character encoding. See Encoding. encodingundef
Collection Specifies the name of the collection (mandatory). If schema and document type are left empty, the collection with all schemas and document types will be deleted. See also Collection. encodingundef
Schema Specifies the name of the schema (optional, if no document type is entered). If a schema is entered, but no document type, the schema residing in the collection will be undefined, including all document types defined in this schema. schemaundef
Document type Specifies the name of the document type (optional). If entered, the document type residing in the collection and schema will be undefined. undefine
Undefine Button to submit the undefine command. runcmd=undefine
Help Displays online documentation about this form. -