Tamino Server Extension Examples

Complete examples of all types of server extensions written in C++ and Java are provided in the Tamino installation directory. In addition, an XSLT server extension example is described in detail in the appendix Example: XSLT Server Extension of this document.

The following examples, which are available in the Tamino installation directory, are named after the infrastructure and function type: Direct Mapping, Direct Query, Direct Trigger, Java Mapping, Java Query, Java Trigger. Each example includes all sources and information to build, administrate and execute the corresponding example case. On Windows platforms, these are hosted in the sub-directories:

Examples\Server Extensions\Direct_Mapping

Examples\Server Extensions\Direct_Query

Examples\Server Extensions\Direct_Trigger

Examples\Server Extensions\Java_Mapping

Examples\Server Extensions\Java_Query

Examples\Server Extensions\Java_Trigger

Examples\Server Extensions\Java_Query_XSLT

The corresponding UNIX directory names are: Examples/Server_Extensions/...

These directories contain all the files that are generated when creating package files using the Tamino X-Tension Builder. Detailed explanations and use-cases are included in the Readme.txt files.

The *.sxp files contain, among other things, the executable files that can be installed and executed in Tamino databases. The Install.xml files describe the interface to the server extension, which is necessary for administration and execution. A copy of the Install.xml file is included in the *.sxp file for easy administration.

Some of the supplied pre-built packages (*.sxp files) are compiled and packed for Microsoft Windows platforms only. You may need to rebuild the projects and create new *.sxp files to suit a different target platform. Please check the Readme.txt file for further information.

The *.cpp and *.java files are source files that can be opened in a text editor to view the function code.

An example of a shadow function is currently not available.