Suppressed Lookup of Index Entries

Tamino is delivered with a collection ino:vocabulary.

It contains the Doctype ino:loadlist which can contain any number of ino:word instances. The contents of an ino:word instance is any string (word) that may or may not be indexed. Typically, these are common "fill" words such as "and", "it", "is", etc. or terms that occur frequently in the area in which Tamino is applied.

For entries in a load list, no check is made if index entries already exist from previous load operations, and the words are indexed anyway. This can speed up the indexing process when loading documents.

You can add multiple load lists and identify each one with the optional attribute ino:loadlistname on the ino:loadlist Node. When Tamino starts, the server loads and appends all the load lists, so that all load lists are always active when storing and indexing documents in Tamino.