Tamino Product Components

Besides the Tamino Server, there are several runtime and development components (enabling services) for ease of use and for application development with Tamino. The single Tamino XML Server product contains all you need to set up a running Tamino system on a server, including the necessary product components. They are:

Tamino Schema Editor

The Tamino Schema Editor supports you in creating Tamino schemas. It shields you from having to type in schema language syntax, thus making schema creation much faster and less error-prone. The Tamino Schema Editor also shields you from the complexity of the XML Schema standard by offering dialogs specifically for the creation of Tamino schemas. Schema constructs required by the XML Schema standard are added automatically to ensure that valid schemas are generated.

Tamino Interactive Interface

The Tamino Interactive Interface is a simple browser-based interface to Tamino XML Server. It allows you to define collections within a schema, load XML instances of a schema into a database, and delete XML instances, schemas and collections from a database. You can also submit query language requests to a database, using the W3C standard query language XQuery or the Tamino query language X-Query.

Tamino X-Plorer

From its graphical user interface, the Tamino X-Plorer conveniently displays the contents of Tamino XML Server databases in a navigation tree, thus allowing you to intuitively explore and manipulate its contents.

Summarizing the Tamino X-Plorer's features you can:

  • Explore a Tamino XML Server's database

  • Query a Tamino XML Server's database

  • Maintain the structure and contents of a Tamino XML Server

  • Display and edit objects in a Tamino XML Server

  • Invoke tools which support you in developing Tamino applications

  • View externally maintained data such as security data, or server extensions

Application Programming Interfaces

There are several application programming interfaces (APIs) that are delivered along with the Tamino XML Server. These are:

  • Tamino API for Java
    This is a very flexible object-oriented API. It offers the Java programmer a comfortable access to data stored in Tamino by using different object models (DOM, SAX, JDOM) or stream-based access.

  • Tamino API for C
    This API offers a variety of methods and properties that enable any application that can call C functions to access and manipulate documents in a Tamino database.