Monitor 10.11 | pub.monitor.process.modelSteps Folder | pub.monitor.process.modelSteps:getStepIDNames
Retrieves step ID, step label, and step type for each step in a specified process model.
Input Parameters
The following table lists the input parameters.
String Complete model ID of the process model that contains the step information you want to obtain. You can retrieve available model IDs by running the pub.monitor.process.model:getModelNames service. Use the value returned in the modelNames()/PROCESSKEY output parameter. For example: MyProcessProject/MyProcess.
Whether Monitor treats modelID as case-sensitive depends on how the underlying database (for example, Oracle, DB2, or SQL server) handles the queries that Monitor issues to obtain data.
String The version of the process model. The model version for externally executed and integration processes is always 1.
Output Parameters
The following table lists the output parameters.
Document List List of the retrieved step names and step IDs. For each step, the following fields are returned:
*STEPID Step ID of the step.
*STEPLABEL Step label for the step.
*STEPINTTYPE String Numerical representation of the type of step. The service returns one of the following values:
*1 Abstract task
*2 webMethods subprocess
*3 Referenced process (legacy webMethods referenced process, deprecated)
*12 Boundary timer event
*13 BPMN subprocess)
*14 Call activity
*30 Service task
*31 User task
*32 Manual task
*33 Rule task
*34 Send task
*35 Receive task
*40 Gateway
*50 Start event
*80 Intermediate event
*110 End event
String Error that occurred during the execution of this service if this service encountered an error.